TVF Freestyle Kayak Bag MK2


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TVF Freestyle Kayak Bag MK2  just got even better, The new bag has been designed with simplicity, strength and usability in mind. The outer material is a strong black cordura style material which is very resistant to everyday wear and tear. The inner material is a coated woven layered material that is water resistant to stop the water from those wet kayaks soaking into the bags outer layers, The TVF Freestyle kayak bag is made with a 10mm padded middle layer to protect your kayak when traveling, this is particularly beneficial to those with Composite kayaks. Ideal for using on plans, in vans etc etc,

Handles, well here is the next upgrade, not only do you have a side carry handle, you also have front and rear deck handles to help move the bag around inside a vehicle, to tie it down inside to stop it moving around, it also has a shoulder strap to carry you kayak around while inside the bag. This is a massive improvement over the MK1 which only had a shoulder strap.

We have kept the branding fresh while maintaining a more subtle look so not to bring too much attention to the brand. We have removed our web address, so it can easily look like a waveski bag with out someone being able to search using or site. We have added a fragile logo to bring it to peoples attention.

The bag has a zip around one end on the stern side, so the kayak always goes in bow first.

The sizing of the bag is now universal in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large, what this means is what ever brand and model you have it will fit this new design. So if you have a medium Project X for example just order a Medium with the confidence it will fit no problems.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 115 × 55 × 15 cm

Small, Medium