Boulters Weir Guide

One of the biggest waves on the River Thames.

Announcement: Boulters eddy surfers right is working well (River Left)

Warning Please Read

In high water people have drowned in the top corner of the weir – just river right of the main gates (or surfers left). The hole will not let you out, so avoid like the plague especially as it can have upto a 10 metre tow back. ( see picture of the corner below).

Main Weir Wave

In very high water a big surfable wave train forms in front of the main gates. When working, the waves have a good bounce for aerial moves, a challenge very different to Hurley. All 6 gates open create a great wave, it does vary as levels rise and drop. When the flow rate gauge reads around 159 cumecs the wave will be working. 

Summer Pourover

The “Canoe Flume” at the downstream end of the weir produces a good quality pourover style hole during the summer months in which various hole moves are possible. It’s also in very nice parkland, with a petting zoo, cafes and places to have pick-nicks.

Please do not shoot the pourover from above the weir, and always inspect the feature from the bank before dropping in.


Follow this link to the carpark!

Or for Sat Nav the address for the carpark is:

Lower Cookham Rd, Maidenhead, SL6 8JB

From Maidenhead town centre’s ring road, take the A4 to slough. Just before Maidenhead bridge take a left at a roundabout near a Texaco garage – following signs for Cookham. After 500 metres you will pass the lock. 100 metres further turn left into the car park (height restriction 1.9 metres and payment for parking). After getting changed in the car park, walk over the main road, put in on the lock cut and paddle up to the left. When you get to the top of the lock cut turn right. You will soon see the weir spread out before you. First timers should carry on paddling down the backwater and take out onto the island at the convenient egress point and walk over to the downstream end of the weir pool to take a look. Please do not shoot the flume, as you have no right of navigation and you might damage the ramp.

Looking back at the weir over the years!

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