Graeme Laycock

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Graeme Laycock

TVF community legend! RIP Mate, forever in our memories!!

How did you first become involved in kayaking?
Took up Kayaking at the age of 36 after meeting a guy from BVCC. Always wanted to do it since being banned from participating in scouts.

How long have you been seriously kayaking?
Tricky one. Don’t think i’ve ever taken it seriously. I suppose I have competed against myself for the past 5 years.

Have you been part of a canoe club?
Two clubs todate. The first being Blackwater Valley canoe club. Bunch of slackers, more interested in talking about it and drinking beer. Joined my present club 3 years ago. Bccc. It’s ok but I really only joined for somewhere to take the kids. The club scene sucks.

What is it about kayaking you like so much?
Lots of things but at the top of the list I’d have to put. Meeting some great people, making good friends, helping others and the buzz I get when ever I paddle. Oh and getting involved in projects where I get to do some work and help others at the same time.

What disciplines of kayaking have you been involved in?
Mainly freestyle for the past 5 years. I had a go at marathon last year. It’s a good way to workout but I couldnít take it seriously. I can’t see the point in doing a water sport and not getting wet.

How did you get into freestyle?
I had a few trips with friends to Chertsey one summer. Loved it and first learnt to roll on moving/white water. Some old friends Foggy and Nige took me for my first trip to Hurley. It was on four and I crapped myself. Been hooked ever since.

Where have you paddled including travelling etc?
Bit boring Iím afraid. I havenít been anywhere really. Scotland a couple of times. The West Country several times. I had a nice trip to Austria with KJO and then had fun with the TVF boys at Plattling last year. Family commitments have made trips away difficult so I tow the line and stick with paddling the Thames weirs.

What is your favourite paddling destination?
It’ll have to be Hurley although for sheer fun factor I’d choose Mapledurham or Marsh. If it’s a challenge I’m after it’d be Sunbury.

Where would you like to travel to?
Given the chance I’d have to say Canada and maybe chilli.

Who inspires you in kayaking?
Too many to mention. Here’s just a few: Debs, Wiggy, Cheese, Jon Best, Both the Scutt brothers. Anyone that has the natural ability to paddle and be sociable at the same time. Oh and the Worzels. Those boys rock.

What equipment do you use?
Jackson kayaks. Werner paddles. Home made toe socks.

Who has supported you and deserves to be thanked?
Brucy babe. I still haven’t found anyone that I would prefer to paddle with.
SystemX. Ant and Nick have been very good to me over the years.
Squarerock. Simon Edwards and Aaron.
The bofins and all the other folk that have helped with the project at Boulters over the past 5 years.
Jacko and all at KJO.
Mrs Laycock.
All of the peeps that I regularly paddle with.

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