A Little Down Under Kayaking

Written by Wiggy 

So being based in Brisbane at the moment with our playboats we thought the only freestyle kayaking we would be doing was surfing in the sea. Then we heard of a place called the Nymboida Canoe Centre!

In Australian terms we are practically neighbours, (it’s a 5 hour drive away!).  So we set off on a little adventure to check it out.  Thankfully the big Ford Falcon 1986 station wagon got us there with no problems.


On arrival we found Goolang creek situated on the doorstep of the Nymboida Canoe Centre. This is a little man made white water course with a similar feel and look to that of Tryweryn or San Pierre de Boeuf in France.


You can camp right on the river side and off you go! There’s excellent facilities including outdoor kitchens and bunkhouse style cabins.


The river looked shallow on appearance and was on paddling.  I spent most of the first trip desperately trying to find a hole deep enough to cartwheel.  I thought it was a lost cause until on a second look at a hole on the walk back up I saw one!  I jumped in and checked the depth, yep it was good.  Cartwheels, loops etc all goes here, perfect.


We stayed for two days and there were probably no more than 20 people on the water the whole time!


Apparently there are lots of rivers round here to do, Grade 3-5, and lots of people use the centre as a base to paddle the local area. We met some really friendly boaters who had all made the trip down from Brisbane so I hope to get some more rivers done over the summer.

Off to New Zealand in February too, if anyone is going to be out there paddling then drop me an email and maybe we can hook up for a paddle.

All the best, Wiggy.