Dempsey’s meet Jackson’s

Written by Eric Jackson 


I finally have gotten to really know Aaron, Rhona, and Saul Dempsey, during their 5 day visit to Rock Island. They have been staying at our house, playing Ping Pong, Backgammon, going for hikes, working on 2008 planning, socializing, and more. Fun stuff!


I am very proud of the type of people we have in our distribution network and Square Rock (the name of their company) is one that fits the Jackson Kayak mold. A very caring family that takes care of their customers, friends, team, and Jackson Kayak as a part of that family.


We have grown tremendously in Europe over the past year in a large part due to Square Rock. Phillip in Switzerland is another reason for our growth, handing our German speaking countries in good form.


Today the Demseys will get a tour of Nashville with Kristine and I before heading home later this afternoon.


We had a fun day of paddling yesterday at Rock Island with the water off (natural flow only). Aaron paddled the 4 Fun in good form!