From the Valley to the Land of the Trolls

Norway…. the long way around Written by Andy Wicks

In August 2009 12 Thames Valley paddlers made the journey from England to the whitewater mecca of Norway (via France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden). 12 days and 3829 miles later we returned tired but with big smiles on our faces, having managed 14 sections of river in 9 days. The scenery was simply fantastic and the whitewater simply unbelievable!


Jethro walking into the Store Ula

Despire heading out later in the season, we still managed a few of the classics – Store Ula, Upper Rauma, Sjoa Playrun – and some which aren’t even in the guidebook such as the Upper Asbjornia as we visted the regions of Hedmark, Sjoa, Otta and, Møre og Romsdal.


Andy on the Asbjornia

As we were planning the trip a few us us were feeling apprehensive as we thought that all the rivers out in Norway would be too hard for our group of mainly grade 4 paddlers. This proved not to be the case as we found sections to paddle everyday, ranging from big volume grade 3 to steep grade 5 creeks and everything in between.


Martyn on the Asbjornia

Nine days is nowhere near long enough to be able to say that we have “done Norway”. In fact, I feel that it is completely the opposite and we have barely scratched the surface, meaning further trips are now required.


Doug on the Upper Rauma

Our list of rivers:

• Trysilevia

• Unsetåa

• Setninga

• Sjoa Playrun

• Store Ula (to waterfalls)

• Upper Jori

• Lora

• Upper Rauma

• Ulvåa (standard)

• Lower Jori

• Asbjornia

• Ostri (Åstre)

• Store Ula (waterfalls)

• Sjoa Åsengjuvet

My personal highlight of the trip was running the three Ula Foss on our last morning, although the Upper Jori and Upper Rauma also provided a lot of entertainment.


Andy boofing Ula 1

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