Morocco Winter 2006/2007

Written by Matthew Attree 

Morocco is legendary amongst the surfing community and Taghazoute, a small village north of Agadir is its epicentre. Packed into a few miles of coastline are some of the most well known right point breaks in world surfing, from Killers and Boilers in the north down through Anchors, Hash Point and Panoramas to Devils Rock and Banana Point in the south. This section of coastline packs in some great surfing easily accessed from a coast road in a warm, cheap and friendly country… brilliant!


I stayed in the village of Tamaraht to the south of Taghazoute in a surf hostel called Dynamic Loisirs and run by Fatima- the smiliest lady in Morocco and a fabulous cook. The hostel overlooked the southern breaks of Banana Point, Spiders, Elephant and Devils Rock- all a quick walk down the track.


I settled into Moroccan surfing life- getting up early to avoid the heat and the winds, beginning my day with a surf at Bananas. This right point (as almost all the breaks are) peaked in front of the cliff to give a fast take off into a long walled up wave with a couple of barrel options on the way through into a good airy closeout section at the end. I rode here pretty much every day between 5 and 10 ft (shoulder high to 1 ½ times overhead) and it never failed to please.


After these sessions it was time to go on the hunt and see what else was around. Anchors is a much more hollow wave with a big crowd when small but soon thins as it begins to flex its muscle. Killers is body achingly long ride (up to 500m!) with every type of section imaginable and Killer Whales to boot (Hence the name) and boilers peaks over an urchin encrusted ship boiler and peels off just a few feet from the rocks all the way down the point- not for the faint of heart.


Immsouane is a longer drive- and the driving in Morocco is scarier than any wave- anything goes including overtaking on blind bends and hills. Our trip was made even more interesting due to our cars lack of fuel!- We coasted into town and in a typically friendly Moroccan manner were given some petrol by the fishermen. The wave here is ace. Really chunky vertical take off than you air drop into a really fast powerful wall- a real race track of a wave.


This place has everything to make a good trip in a fantastic location- looking forward to the next adventure in Sri Lanka :0)

Thanks to
Xavier at for the waveski porn.
Pro Designs Waveskis and Alan Neighbour for the great ski.