SAS Hurley Classic Dec 2nd 2007

Written by Doug Cooper


The classic really started for me at about 7:30pm Saturday night, when I found my self and a whole bunch of TV boys parking their trucks up behind Safeway in Marlow and hitting the town. The classic party that never happened was now in full swing in the chequers. After a hurried exit from the chequers due to a few to many pints we found our selves in the slug and lettuce, where the party raged on till kicking out time. Then back to the trucks, a few more beverages were consumed and no names mentioned, some one was playing the mandolin till 4am. Sunday morning came round and Dirty Harris and my self found our way to a food constabulary, before making our way to the mighty Hurley.


Registration at 8:15am seemed a tad early, but the fresh air and a pretty muddy and swollen looking three gates greeted us. Slowly people arrived, lots of familiar faces from around England all eager to get a bit of that wave. Hurley classic is always a good place to catch up with travel buddies and share stories of bigger and better waves, with this in mind we stood staring at the water on the weir bridge with the wind blowing a force 10 around us.


The event was put together in 5 heats all in a random order, so you would get to know some new faces and in mixed class.  Heat one kicked off with the boy Pringle thinking it was still a practice round, he still managed to rock his stuff throwing down some sweet blunts and cleans. Eddy smith got down to business and showed every one just what he had been doing whilst out of the country.


The event was going sweet, the relaxed atmosphere on the water and cheering from the bridge, despite the wind made for great entertainment. As the heats pressed on an old friend and pro Carl Leahy threw down so hard and with such style it was obvious that he had secured himself a place in the top few. As heat three began I hotfooted my way with Rob to the car park to get geared up, after a rather long warm up, a practice paddle and after the judges had tea and cake, it was finally our heat . Along side me and Rob there was old friend Richard Brooks; squirt king lames reeves and bus eater Boring James, the only man insane enough to surf bus in an open boat. The heat began with plenty of eddy line cheering. With a shared thirty minute expression session every one was showing the judges just what was cool. with Rob kicking some sweet blunts , and BJ throwing fast ends , it was up to Mr Reeves and me to really push the envelope , James started the set with some  crowd wetting panam , after a few warm-ups much to my delight, I managed to stick a big fat air screw, securing me the highest scoring move of the day ( air screw with Huge air bonus ) as the heat wore on  every one did their best to get as much variety as possible . The heat ended with a cold swim for a poor girl (no names mentioned) Rob and I helped her out. Then back to the car to get changed in to warm hats and boarding pants.


Finally back on the bridge just in time to watch piers tear a whole new meaning to the word ripping , in true valley style he threw down every trick he new narrowly missing a KY, alongside Piers, Danhousen chucked some sweet blunts loops and back stabs. As the day came to a close the results were announced, to my delight Carl had ripped his way to the top and clamed first place in the men’s. The ladies class, as ever was taken by local Flea Jarvie. The junior men’s was snatched up by Ben Aldridge; finally the old man class was dominated by Backcomber with lord Farquharson snapping at his heels.


A big thank you to all who organised the event, and even more so to every one who came along to compete, a grand event as ever, see you all next year.