tvfreestylers Eurotrip 2007 first stop.

Written by Gareth Harvey

Plattling in Germany has got to be one of the best European kayaking playspots. Nearly every single Kayaker that has had the pleasure of paddling at this amazing resource, will tell you how they want to go back. Platttling has hosted some of Europe’s best kayaking events and parties.


Plattling was the first destination for tvfreestylers 2007 Eurotrip, driving for 8 hours and covering 600 miles from Dunkerque ferry terminal. This was always going to be a convoy of amusement. Filming anything from over taking to the sleeping patterns of your passengers.


The journey to Plattling is always the toughest of the whole trip, as with stops it can be up to 11 hours. Its amazing that after this extremely testing trip everyone still had the amazing motivation to get kitted up and go paddling.


The site is based on the edge of the village near a railway bridge that crosses the river just upstream of the feature. The feature is basically a river wide curved fast retentive hole. Even though the feature is a retentive hole it’s a very friendly stable hole that flushes fairly quickly once upside down. All “hole” moves go here, and it’s a great site to practice and perfect them. I have to say this is probably one of the best sites in Europe to learn to loop. With Dirty Harris learning not only to loop but he also managed to get some of the biggest airloops of the trip. The winner of the biggest airloop goes to Shaggy and the winner of the most lazy loop was me, and when I say lazy I mean literally I plug the front with my paddle by my waist and just stayed in that position, because Plattling comes down quite steep into the troth and is very powerful it whips you round so quickly you can achieve loops entirely with the momentum of the feature. The highlights of Plattling are the Feature, the great access, the surroundings, the local restaurants, the night life and of course the legendary Globus Super market, where you can buy nearly everything and anything you would ever need.


The ever so slightly younger generation, our new local friend Max and his girlfriend, decided we were going to go out clubbing to Degendorf, which is within 10km and is definitely the most local nightlife. With both Shaggy and Bruce telling us they weren’t coming clubbing under any circumstances, a challenge had now been set. Its amazing that after a few great days of paddling, a few beers and a fantastic social dinner in the heart of Plattling, how relatively easy it was to persuade the guys to get in a taxi with us to the night clubs. The night went extremely well with a well organised kitty (thanks Bruce) and lots and lots of fun. This night was the official naming of Psycho Pete (long story) and the proof that when let off their leashes, both Shaggy and his back bone in Crime Bruce, can party harder than the best of us.


This proved to be the start of a fantastically successful and extremely fun trip.